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Adamant is a rare, light and strong magical metal used to create armor and weaponry and it is known that wars have been fought over pieces of it.

Known items

  • Thronis the sky giant had many items crafted from adamant
  • Seth had a adamant breastplate which he later gave to Kendra
    • This smoky-gray breastplate is a priceless, supernaturally durable piece of armor. It is made from adamant, the lightest yet strongest spell-forged metal alloy, which means it can’t be bent or broken, and is impenetrable. It will stop any blade, turn any arrow, and can even hold up under the force of a sledgehammer. The breastplate is a coveted item and wealthy lords have been known to empty their treasuries to acquire it. It is believed that the priceless armor is somewhere on the preserve. The last report mentioned a fog giant using it like a skipping stone. He was last glimpsed with it somewhere in Kurisock’s domain. Satyrs retrieved it from the tar pits.
  • At Wyrmroost Mendigo weilded a large adamant sword
  • Newel and Doren used to fish items made of adamant out of Kurisock's tar pit including an adamant breastplate

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