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Anamorphs (plural Animare) are creatures of light that resemble humans with different animal attributes depending on their view of what makes them beautful. They are always very loyal to their cause and have true hearts, although while still young (from 0 to several thousand years old) they are quite mischevious. They are among the rarest of mythical creatures and are arguably as powerful as some dragons. Anamorphs are the ultimate shapeshifters, they can take the shape of any living thing (excluding other magical creatures).


Anamorphs are always very tall, and extrememly good looking. They all have unique attributes, showing their image of perfection since they choose how they look. All are humanoid in appearance but some have fur, fangs, wings, or a tail while others might have horns, antlers, gills or antennae. It all depends on what they see as attractive. They are often frequently changing their shape to imitate plants and animals however so it is often difficult to determine if they are in fact an Anamorph.


Only a select few abilities were mentioned at the final battle against the Demons, pertaining to the Anamorphs. The following are those mentioned:

  • shapeshifting into animals of all shape and size
  • shapeshifting into plants
  • shapeshifting into different people 
  • reading thoughts and memories in order to assume a shape that means something personal

There is very little known about the Anamorphs as they were only mentioned briefly in the 5th book and then only once, and in an interview with Mull.

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