Bahumat (pronounced 'bay-ah-mat') is an ancient demon who plagued the Fablehaven area before the preserve was founded. Some Europeans imprisoned him in exchange for acknowledgment of ownership of the land that he had terrorized. Fablehaven was then founded on this land. In 1826, Bahumat almost escaped, and afterward, was moved to a new location underneath the old chapel. He is bound by knots similar to those that bound Muriel, a wicked witch not from the west, but in greater multitude. He is darkly colored and dragon-like in appearance, standing upright, and has wings, three arms, and three legs.


Bahumat in Fablehaven

Muriel freed him by blowing on each knot to loose it, and using the magical energy it released to create an army of giant imps. After being released, he was defeated and resealed by an army of giant fairies Kendra Sorenson enlisted the help of, using a formula the Fairy Queen gave her. He and Muriel were then bound with a mass of golden ropes by the fairy army, and a flowering hill was erected above them where the Forgotten Chapel once stood.

Physical appearance

The demon Bahumat is described in Fablehaven as a monstrous black dragon-like beast with two wings, three legs and three arms. Bahumat is of a considerable size being able to swallow a human sized fairy whole.

Powers, abilities and weaknesses

Being a demon, he has powerful dark magic, excellent endurance, and is super-strong. Bahumat is able to create a dark aura around himself. Bahumat likely has the ability to fly due to his wings.


  • It is possible he is a dragon like Navarog as he has the appearance of a dragon
  • He is one of the most powerful demons in the land but compared to the major demons of the Zzyzx he was a minor threat

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