The Battle of Kurisock's Domain took place in Kurisock's Domain in Fablehaven near the end of Grip of the Shadow Plague.

Battle of Kurisock's Domain
Kurisock's Domain, Fablehaven, Connecticut
Belligrent forces
Fairy Army, Knights of Dawn, Creatures of the Hidden Pond, Dark creatures, Infected creatures
Broadhoof (deceased), Lena (deceased), Kendra Sorenson, Seth Sorenson, Patton Burgess, Cloudwing, Ephira, Doren, Stormbrow, Kurisock
Shadow plague ended, nail is destroyed, Fairy Army/Knights of Dawn/ light creature victory, egg-like pebble talisman is destroyed
Skirmish at the Old Manor
Kidnapping of Kendra Sorenson

In the battle, Kendra Sorenson leads the Fairy Army, light creatures, and some of the Knights of the Dawn into battle against Kurisock, Ephira, and their dark forces.

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