The Blackwell Keep is the residence of the caretaker of Wyrmroost Dragon Sanctuary. Due to the uniqueness of the Wyrmroost Sanctuary predators, the caretaker, Agad , cannot venture beyond its walls. Guests can only stay on the first and last nights of their stay, otherwise they risk having the keep compromised. The keep itself is like a small, protected castle, designed to provide residence to the caretaker and protect the Blackwell.


  • Camarat/Marat - Dragon, ex-co-caretaker of Wyrmroost, currently assistant-caretaker
  • Henrick - Alcetaur, gamekeeper of Wyrmroost
  • Romnus - Minotaur, appears to be responsible for the dungeons
  • Brunwin - Minotaur
  • Tonak - Minotaur, used to be a staff member, he was found out to be a traitor
  • Myrna - Found out as a traitor, appears to have been involved in food making
  • Simrin - "Snake lady with four arms"
  • Obun - Dwarf, he and Didger run the stables
  • Didger - Dwarf, he and Obun run the stables
  • Unnamed ridge troll, described as cunning and eager to take advantage of Kendra and Seth
  • Unnamed Goblin, described by Bracken as: "will not betray you, but would steal from you if he could get away with it"
  • Unnamed Hobgoblin, decribed as "amusing, but not much use in a fight"
  • 2 unnamed older woman, described as selfish, none too kindly, and given to gossip
  • 3 unnamed dwarves, they work as guards


  • 11 Luvians
    • Glory, she likes to read, and she writes poems
    • Noble, he is a reluctant reader but the fastes runner
    • Princess
    • Starshine, she is a chess fanatic, she plays it half the day playing it and reads about it the other half
    • Socrates, he is a chess fanatic, he plays it half the day playing it and reads about it the other half
    • Unnamed stallion
  • 3 mules
  • 5 griffins
    • Tempest
    • Sheba, Sage, and Titan (all slaughtered by hill giants)




Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary