Bracken was one of the prisoners held in Living_Mirage's dungeon. He is revealed to be a unicorn, and also the Fairy Queen's son. He becomes Kendra's love interest during the events of Keys to the Demon Prison.

He is a major help in getting Kendra and Warren out of Living Mirage. His avatar appearance is of a boy approximately eighteen years old with silver shoulder-length hair and a very smooth complexion.

Life and Family

Bracken is the only son of the Fairy Queen and Fairy King and has four other siblings, all sisters. He is perpetually stuck in his avatar form without his third horn that accompanies each unicorn when they reach maturity. He gave this up in order for the Font of Immortality, one of the keys to Zzyzx, to be forged.


Kendra: Bracken grows very close to Kendra in the fifth book. At first, she does not trust him, but after her to break out of Living Mirage, the pair become close, and Kendra learns to rely on Bracken. At first, Bracken is drawn to Kendra because of the bright light that radiates from her, as a result of her being fairykind, but soon grows to respect and admire her courage and determination to save her family. Kendra had been attracted to Bracken from the beginning, although she was unsure if he was trustworthy. While the pair visits the Fairy Queen's shrine, Kendra becomes jealous of Bracken's relationship with the Fairy Queen, although later she repents of this misconception, learning the Fairy Queen is Bracken's mother. They continually look out for one another, and Bracken grows very protective of Kendra. Later Vanessa states that it is quite clear that "Bracken likes Kendra." The two speak about their feelings for one another, and they seemingly become a couple for the rest of the book.

Seth: Bracken meets Seth inside the prison in the Living Mirage.  At first, Seth is wary of Bracken, believing him to be a trap to get Seth to reveal information.  After Bracken proves he is trustworthy, the two become close friends, and Bracken even gives Seth a magical coin that allows the two of them to keep in touch. 

Talents and Powers

Bracken is very patient and also still extremely young among his kind and other mystical creatures.

One characteristic of Bracken, although not a true power, is the unique way unicorns can destroy lectoblixes indirectly. Lectoblixes sense great energy in unicorns and crave it immensely which causes them to try to drain one without knowing the danger. But, since unicorns have eternal youth, the lectoblix that gets "lucky enough" to attempt a drainage doesn't live to tell the tale because they literally stuff themselves on youth until they die, with no lasting effect on the unicorn. Bracken is also capable of creating light out of thin air, or enchanting objects such as stones or coins to glow with the same bright light and to act as communication devices, along with minor healing abilities.

In Keys to the Demon Prison, he gives Seth a silver coin enchanted to work as a telepathic walkie-talkie of sorts, allowing them to communicate by means of thought even at long distances, also usable as a light.

Additionally, as a unicorn, he possesses a great power of healing. However, of all Unicorn abilities, healing especially is most magnified by the unicorn's horns, so Bracken is not as good of a healer as he could be, though he does have sufficient magic to get by.

Without any of his horns for the majority of the fifth book, Bracken lacks in his full magical potential. Although his second horn restores some of his magical prowess in the fifth book, it is his third horn that would allow him to return to his unicorn form. It is also his third horn, that Bracken lacks, due to it being a magical artifact.