Camarat is a Dragon the sentries to visitors seeking entrance to Wyrmroost. He has the color of red and gold, long and snakelike with eight sets of legs, the head and mane like a lion. His breath weapon was a sort of truth serum. He is a Pan Long dragon of sorts, and his human avatar is named Marat.

Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

He surprised Kendra and the Knights of the Dawn when they entered Wyrmroost. As the gate sentry he asked their intention and used a somewhat kind of a truth serum at the group and when satisfied he let the team proceed and he soared corkscrewing into the sky.

Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison

In Book 5, Camarat was among the dragons who came with Agad as back-up for the Knights of the Dawn to fight against the demons when they escaped Zzyxz. Camarat was seen by Kendra when he and the other dragons arrived, with he wearing an 'elaborate saddle' in which Agad rode. In the following conversation between Raxtus and Seth, Raxtus reveals that the two are brothers.


Camarat, in his human avatar of Marat, is now co-caretaker of Wyrmroost, alongside Celebrant, the Dragon King. After Agad agreed to give Celebrant the status of a caretaker in exchange for the dragons' aid in fighting the demons of Zzyxz, Agad tweaked the treaty that binds the borders and rules of Wyrmroost to give Celebrant the status he wanted but not the power to decide who stays and may leave Wyrmroost, instead placing that power with the custodian of the Keep as a co-caretaker.

Unfortunately, Celebrant is still unsatisfied (he is intending to overthrow Wyrmroost so he and his dragons can escape and take over the world) and attacked the Keep three times, trying to breach its protective wards, which only barely held. The magic protecting the Keep only works if the Caretaker of Wyrmroost is mortal.

Since Camarat-turned-Marat is really a dragon in a human disguise, Agad, Bracken, and Marat exhaust their resources to find a new caretaker, hoping a truly mortal caretaker will insure the Keep's wards hold. They ultimately choose Kendra and Seth Sorenson as the new co-caretakers, which they accept out of a sense of obligation.

Unfortunately, the protective wards are no stronger than they were while Marat was caretaker.

And so, Kendra and Seth investigate the cause of the wards' weakness and eventually find the magic scepter (one of seven, now only five) that is connected to the medallion the caretaker is supposed to wear, and the wards are fully restored.

Marat remains alongside Kendra and Seth as an assistant-caretaker.

Physical Appearance

Camarat appears similar to Asiastic dragons, being serpentine in body, with a lion-like face and mane, and several pairs of legs along his body. His body is red while his mane is gold.

In his human avatar of Marat, he appears a bald man of Asian descent who wears orange and golden robes and has a pointed beard.

Powers and Abilities

  • Camarat could fly despite having no wings
  • He has the power to use and control his dragon fear.
  • Camarat can breathe a magic breath that compels those he breathes on to tell the truth
  • He has offensive magic
  • He has a human form named Marat