Celebrant is widely accepted as the king of Dragons and also known as the most powerful dragon in the world. He is the father of the fairy dragon, Raxtus, and resides at the top of Moonfang, the highest peak at Wyrmroost. he is only mentioned in the 4th book and 5th book and was said to have two other offspring that may govern the other two secret Dragon Sanctuaries, but he was never seen. It is said that he feels guilty for Raxtus but never really loved him.

He has scales that are tougher than adamant, and they are silver in color. He breathes five different breath weapons and has knowledge of numerous spells.One of his breath weapons is a blast of blinding light energy so powerful it was able to split open Brogo's mask with a single blast in the fifth book.

In Keys to the Demon Prison, Celebrant, after making a deal to Agad, brings a thunder of dragons to help during the battle outside the Demon Prison, Zzyzx. The dragons arrive and engage the demons somewhat late after the battle begins, but they prove to be worthwhile and forced the demons into their then new prison, The Fairy Queen's former realm. During the battle Celebrant sees Raxtus displace incredible skill and decides to train Raxtus in combat but Raxtus promises to Kendra he will not become mean and aggressive like most other dragons. Celebrant's part of the bargain he made with Agad is the status of caretaker of Wyrmroost so Celebrant becomes the caretaker, truly ruling over the other dragons of Wyrmroost and still retaining the title of King of the Dragons. Agad went on to become the new caretaker of Living Mirage.

However, in Dragonwatch, he works to take full control of Wyrmroost after accepting Kendra and Seth as the new co-caretakers of the sanctuary alongside him, only for his initial schemes to fail.

In Wrath of the Dragon King, Celebrant openly declares war against Kendra and Seth, as a second sanctuary, Crescent Lagoon, has fallen, and he moves forward with his plans to take over, especially after he is informed of a surefire way to win by the dark unicorn, Ronodin. After one of his dragons, Jaleesa, kidnaps Kendra for him the Somber Knight arrives and uses his authority as the recognized Dragon Slayer of Wyrmroost to strip Celebrant of his title, status, and powers as a caretaker while Raxtus betrays his father and rescues Kendra.

With Midsummer Night arriving, Celebrant makes his ultimate gambit to win the war by entering the cursed castle of Stormguard, where it is said a powerful magical artifact known as the Wizenstone is hidden, for its power to undo any magic, including the treaties that bind the dragons to Wyrmroost.