Brilliant thinkers, gifted artisans, and formidable warriors, these muscular creatures have a human head and torso fused to a horse's body. Centaurs tend to be self-important an often look down on others, in particular, satyrs. They neither seek nor appreciate admiration from lesser creatures and fiercely protect their own property.

They currently reside at Grunhold, under the leadership of Graymane. Though generally aloof, they have forged alliances with caretakers in times of emergency.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Two centaurs, Broadhoof and Cloudwing, were The first centaurs to appear in the series. They were centaur scouts when two of their team were suddenly turned into dark centaurs and attacked them. They fled to the nearest location dark creatures cannot enter, near the pond surrounding the Fairy Queen's Shrine where their dark Adversaries could not follow. The other creatures Who took refuge there, especially the satyrs were not too happy about this as the centaurs seemed to be annoyed by their presence. The two species are known to not get along very well. The centaurs later joined the final battle in a desperate attempt to get rid of the shadow plague. During this battle, Broadhoof Lost his life in Kurisock's domain in a desperate struggle between light and shadow. The other centaurs did not think his death was worth saving all of Fablehaven, showing that they feel that they are more important than everyone else.

Secrets of the Dragon sanctuary

The centaurs owned the first horn of a unicorn which they treasure and keep as the soul of grunhold, heavily guarded. They refuse to lend it to anyone, even in a time of dire need as Greymane, The leader of the centaurs made clear. .

known Centaurs

  • Broadhoof was one of the best soldiers of Graymane, and was killed during the events of Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague
  • Cloudwing is a centaur who has white fur and is normally equiped with a large bow and arrow. During the events of the Shadow Plague, he and Broadhoof are chased by dark centaurs to the Fairy Queen's pond, seeking refuge.
  • Stormbrow was a dark centaur caused by the plague and was changed back when Ephira was defeated.
  • Graymane is the king of the centaurs and stays at Grunhold.