She was seen at the Lost Mesa preserve. She was a young dragon, not more than a hundred years old, and more metallic than usual, with copper alloy scales. She was said to be an offspring of the dragon Nafia. She was stolen from the nest by Patton Burgess with a friend of his at Wyrmroost.

Physical Appearance

She looks like a huge bronze, dragon with shimmering scales.


Chalize was an offspring of the dragon Nafia in the dragon sanctuary of Wyrmroost. Nafia had fallen into a pattern of eating her young, so the human Patton Burgess, who was there on other business, took Chalize's egg from Nafia and away from Wyrmroost. Patton hatched Chalize at the secret preserve of Lost Mesa, where he stayed with her until a group of goblins began to take care of her. Chalize would become an obstacle in the preserves vault, replacing the dragon Ranticus who had been poisoned by Patton and died.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fear inducement
  • lightning breath weapon
  • offensive magic
  • flight