Cloudwing was a silver-furred, brown haired centaur who first appeared in Grip of the Shadow Plague when Seth talked to him and Broadhoof. He appeared to be Broadhoof's friend. Cloudwing later appeared during Seth and Kendra's pleading for the centaurs to join them in a diversion. Cloudwing participated in the Battle of Kurisock's Domain. After that, Cloudwing was seen at Grunhold when Stan, Ruth, and Kendra Sorenson, Dale Burgess, Tanu, and Coulter Dixon came to request that the Soul of Grunhold, the unicorn's horn, be removed from Fablehaven. Cloudwing later came with Skygazer to investigate Seth's stealing of the horn.

Bow and arrow
First appearance
Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague

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