The Dark Poison Dragon is a variation of the Poison Dragon Species. To learn more about the Poison Dragon, please go to the page Siletta.


Although the Dark Poison Dragon does not appear in the FableHaven series, it really is a type of dragon. The Dark Poison Dragon has impenetrable brown scales, four legs, and glowing red eyes. It can control its poison. If you are a friend or it trusts you, it will stop spraying poison and will instead spray a gas that will neutralize the affects of the cloud of poison that has already been sprayed. If you betray it, it will spray poison once again. Touching it doesn't affect you. Its touching an ANGRY Dark Poison Dragon that kills you. Unlike the regular Poison Dragon, the Dark Poison Dragon's poison will kill you the moment you come in contact with it. It has 10 wings. It is a thousand times larger than the Poison Dragon, but it uses a size spell to become small enough to be contained.


Not only can it spray poison and deliver it through contact with its body and its saliva, it can also spray antibodies to heal those that are hurt, spray a stench to drive away unwanted visitors, and fly and run faster than 10 times the speed of light. It also shapeshifts. Its most common forms are a black cat with two tails, a wolf, a human, and a young wyvern. It also uses grey magic, a combination of light magic and dark magic that can take centuries to master. That makes it the most powerful species of dragon.

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