Dragon Temples are areas that have draconic guardians; one of the temples are at each forbidden sanctuary. The Temple in Wyrmroost is protected from Thronis' gazing and was guarded by three guardians: A hydra named Hespera, a dragon named Glommus, who makes his victims fall asleep, and a poison dragon named Siletta.

Hidden inside are gauntlets, that if stolen, can control dragons. Dragons must then follow the wearer's every bidding. Seth saw what he thought were the gauntlets but Trask said that the gauntlets were frauds (on the grounds the real gauntlets would not be so obviously displayed) and that he suspected needles inside to kill unworthy trespassers. There are also a variety of treasures, such as the key to the vault in Obsidian Waste and the figurines that Thronis wanted (agate leviathan, onyx tower, etc.).