A cruder form of their cousin the Golem and are also capable of releasing great strength. They are made of hay, stubble, or other similar matter and they do not have their own free will and only to be instructed by its master. The only known one is in the hands of the Society of the Evening Star. In the series it was said that there was a warlock that knows the extinct art of making Dullions. Note that their creation is an art.

Rise of the Evening Star

A Dullion interupted Kendra and Seth from escaping Errol Fisk with the help of Vanessa when they knew Errol was part of the Society of the Evening Star. The Dullion was made of hay and was said to have been also armed with hard matter underneath its weak outer covering of hay. To Seth who had not yet drank milk by that time it looked like a moving heap of hay and also looked stupid to him. The Dullion crushed the roof of Vanessa's car before they escaped the Society and Errol Fisk.