Dwarves are waist-high, stocky men and women who were homespun clothing, these creatures live underground at Fablehaven and prefer to keep to themselves. It's sometimes tricky to distinguish male and female dwarves because women dwarves have whiskers and are known for their unladylike manners.

It is believed there is a magical dwarf among the colony at Fablehaven. His identity and intentions remain questionable.


A stocky little dwarf who belongs to Thronis, the Sky Giant, at Wyrmroost. He commands a pride of Griffins. He carries a short sword and a battered shield emblazoned with a yellow fist and wears a dented iron helmet over his head- all indicative of his experience in battle. His bronzed skin, black eyes, and stubbly beard add to his hardy appearance.

Rise of the Evening Star

A dark hooded dwarf is one of the creatures guarding the artifact in the Inverted Tower, but he never makes a physical appearance.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

There is the Giant's Dwarf who serves Thronis the Sky Giant. This dwarf first captured, but then helped Kendra and the other Knights while at Wyrmroost.

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