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The Society of the Evening Star is an organization whose ultimate goal was to collect the five hidden artifacts in order to unlock the demon prison, Zzyzx, and take over the world. The Society was so named because "the evening star ushers in the night." Their archenemies were the Knights of the Dawn.
Latest News
  • January 24th, 2014: New book covers for the entire Fablehaven series will be released on 2/4/14.
  • January 6th, 2014: The Fablehaven: Curse of the Demon Mist app is currently on hold.
  • January 5th, 2014: Fablehaven movie progress is still underway, however the website for the movie has currently been suspended for unknown reasons.
Did You Know...?
  • ...The inspiration for Muriel is the Arabic translation for witch, one who blows on knots.
  • ...Zzyzx got its name from a road sign the author saw while traveling through California.
  • ... Limberjacks are also called clog dolls, jiggers, Dancing Dans, and Shuffling Sams?
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Brownies don't fix things to help people. They fix things because they enjoy fixing things.

—Stan Sorenson

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Unicorn Artifact Featured in, Unicorn.

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  • Muriel TaggertGo to The Evil Witch
  • The BMBAGo to Click!
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