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Font of Immortality
The Font of Immortality is one out of the five hidden artifacts in the Fablehaven series. The Font of Immortality consists of an alabaster goblet embellished with shimmering enamel. The straight, pearly spiral of a unicorn horn serves as its stem, and a sturdy base finishes it off. It was the final artifact to be revealed in the series, and the first known to have been successfully extracted from its vault.
*Spoilers Follow*


The Font was located at the Living Mirage preserve by the Sphinx, with the help of Nagi Luna centuries before Kendra and Seth were even born.


This gilded goblet grants immortality to the person who drinks from it at least once a week. There are side effects, however, if you were to go a single week without drinking from it, you would turn to dust. If the Font is ever broken, it will re-form and appear somewhere else.


Not much is known about how the Sphinx came into possession of the font, other than that it was at Living Mirage, and that he was aided in his retrieval of it by the demon, Nagi Luna.


Bracken gave up his third horn (that accompanies each unicorn when they reach maturity and allows them to enter their unicorn form) in order for the Font of Immortality to be forged of his actual horn.