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Gabanna Nut Trees are a type of tree native to the Dragon Sanctuary of Silvermoor. However, some seeds were planted in the Fairy Queen's Realm as well as in Anamare, home of the Anamorphs. Gabanna Nut Trees never stop growing, but as they get older, the growing process slows down significantly. The sap produced by the trees, when applied to wounds, heals them rapidly. When drunk regularly, the potion stops bodily aging and takes away most internal ailments. It also heightens the drinker's growth rate, making them taller. If not taken regularly, the affects of the age-stopping and growing wear off. All Gabannas begin to hollow out inside of them as the get older, but they still continue to grow despite this. Also, the only way for a Gabanna Seed to begin its growth is for it to rest on islands of special silver sand that can only be found in few select places. The biggest Gabanna is roughly half the size of Mt. Everest and is home to the caretaker of Silvermoor, an Anamorph. It has golden bark and sap. The second biggest tree is silver in color, and the island it rests on is also home to one of the Fairy Queen's Shrines. All Anamorphs and their seeds resemble their tree in color. There are three Gabanna Nut colors: Gold, Silver, and White. The color of the tree determines the color of the Anamorph's tears, blood, hair, wings, tail and eyes. The tree's leaves also inherit the same color.


The trees also have a spectacular gift. When Anamorphs have children, the mother, has a Gabanna Nut Seed. This seed can take any form depending on what the baby Anamoph's personality will eventually resemble. All seeds, however, take the form of some item of nature. Sometimes a shell, a stone, a leaf, etc. The seed is then planted by the parents in the ground at a desired location. After around 1 month, the tree reaches the height of around six feet. At this time, exactly one month after the seed is planted, an Anamorph child steps out of the tree. All Anamorph children are born resembling toddlers. And when they step out of their tree for the first time, they come bearing the Seed their parents planted around their necks on chords. As soon as the child steps out, the Gabanna Nut Tree begins to grow and hollow out and by the time the child is fully grown, their tree reaches the size of a modern mortal house and is hollowed out enough to function as the Anamorph's home.


If ever the Seed or the Tree of an Anamorph is damaged or destroyed, then the same too happens to the Anamorph bonded to them.

The Song

Despite the many wonders of the Gabanna Nut Tree however, the most awe-inspiring wonder the tree has to offer is that each tree has its own song. At night, when the moon is out, the silver sands beneath the trees gleams and glows, giving off comforting light and the leaves and the bark on the trees sing a song unique to their tree. When the songs start, all the creatures of the preserve, even the dragons, come out to watch and listen. Only the Anamorph of the tree can ever memorize their tree's song. The Anamorphs can sing their tree into any shapes. Many Anamorphs sometimes sing their tree's branches into weapons for the bark is stronger and lighter than Adamant and can pierce even dragon scales.

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