Graulks are magical beings that are native to the Dragon Sanctuary of Silvermoor. They are distantly related to dragons but they cannot fly. Graulks are very rare so the caretaker at Silvermoor is rapidly breeding them to prevent extinction.


Graulks look exactly like the picture portrayed above. They resemble giant komodo dragons with spikes along their bodies. At full size, a graulk can reach up to five times the size of a motor home. Graulks can also appear in a variety of colors including: emerald (green), ruby (red), onyx (black), sapphire (blue), diamond (white or silver), amethyst (purple), amber (gold or yellow), or citrine (orange). All Graulks have scales that resemble sparkling gems. Their eggs are the same color and texture as the Graulk's scales will eventually be.


Graulks are mentioned very breifly in the Fablehaven series. Here are the abilities mentioned belonging to the Graulks. It is unknown if the can do more.

  • breathe underwater
  • multiple breathe weapons-like dragons (fire, lightning, ice, poison, sleep, etc.)
  • shoot spikes from back, forehead, and tail
  • stick to surfaces with feet (climb up walls, ceilings, etc.)
  • creating earthquakes by tapping the ground with feet or tail


When Graulks hatch from their eggs, their mothers are not around and the Graulk fends for itself. However, if a living being is seen by a Graulk as soon as the creature hatches, the Graulk will serve that creature as a protector and companion until it dies. Also, if the Graulk's bonded companion dies, the Graulk does also. 

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