A Green dragon of huge size with an unknown gender (likely male). This dragon possessed the ability to breath fire.


This dragon was of huge size and likely powerful though it is unknown since it was killed by Navarog.

  • It had the power of flight
  • It could breath fire
  • It could paralyze with fear
  • It had offensive magic
  • It had a human form

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

This dragon chased Seth, Kendra, Dougan, Trask, Gravin (Navarog), Mara, Tanu, Warren (Knapsack) with a yellow dragon and red dragon until the red left to chase Seth and Tanu while the green and yellow trapped the others. Later The green and yellow fought Navarog in dragon form but the green,yellow and a gray as stated by Navarog were killed and Navarog found the body of the red with a huge arrow in it's chest.

The Green Dragon chaseing them from the skys

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