The Inverted Tower is a structure located on the Fablehaven preserve in the Revenant's grove. It houses the Sands of Sanctity.



In the grove, there is a small clearing ringed by trees. A raised platform dominates the area and is untoched by vegetation. In the center is a round socket surrounded by circular grooves separated by about 4 feet. The round socket is where you put the key. Once the key is in, rings of the platorm fall down to make a conical stairway. After the key is taken out, the part put in becomes a spearhead.


At the bottom floor, thare are many doors. Behind each doorway, there is a staircase. All of the staircases except for one are illusions and would lead to your doom. The genuine staircase is behind a false wall. The room the staircase is in is lit by sunstones. On the staircase there are some illusion stairs. At the bottom of the staircase there is a door.

1st Room

Behind the door is a room. It is large and circular, and has a domed roof. Gold sand covered the floor and white stones in the ceiling illuminated the room.On the room's far side an iron door with a keyhole in the middle was painted, and there were murals of monsters, three apiece, on each side of the room. Each monster has a key around their neck. To open the door you must defeat a monster and get their key. Touching the painting brings the monster to life. There are also quicksand patches on the floor. The monster are:

  • blue woman with six arms with swords in each and had the body of a serpent
  • a Minotaur with a mace,
  • a hobgoblin with a pair of axes
  • a half-spider man with a whip and a javelin
  • a Cyclops with a cudgel
  • a Dwarf armed with magic

Stairway 2

Behind the door is another staircase with more sunstones than the other one. Near the end of the staircase are some false stairs. At the bottom of the stairs was an arched entryway.

2nd Room

The room behind the entryway is a broad chamber with a mosaic on the floor. The mosaic depicted a battle of primates in the trees. The perspective is from the ground. On the other side of the room is another archway. If anyone enters the room with a weapon besides  the key, it immediatly dissapears. Then, one of the monkeys comes out of the mosaic with the weapon that dissapeared. It then tries to kill the person that came in.

Stairway 3

Behind the archway is another staircase. This one has no false stairs. At the bottom is another archway.

3rd Room

Behind the archway is a cylindracal room where the floor is hundreds of feet below. A narrow catwalk without railings rings the top of the room and is level with the entrance. The ceiling bristles with spikes. At the far side of the room is an alcove containing nine Gravity Rods. In the center of the floor below is a life-sized cat made of colored glass and it rests on a pedastal. When you touch the cat with your hands it becomes the artifact's guardian with a key on its neck. If you get the key, you can insert it into a hole in the artifact key. If you do that, a sword without a guard will come out of the bottom of the key. To get the artifact, the guardian must be killed nine times. After that, the guardian will melt into nothingness, and the artifact will take its place.

The nine lives were described as:

  1. Scrawny, black domestic cat--Killed by Warren
  2. larger than any house cat Kendra had ever seen--Killed by Warren
  3. More lynx like; proportionally larger paws with crueler claws; tufted ears--Killed by Warren
  4. Larger lynx--Killed by Warren
  5. Panter like--Killed by Warren & Vanessa
  6. Tiger sized--Killed by Vanessa
  7. Tall as a horse, saber-toothed fangs, four writing serpents grew from it's shoulders--Killed by Vanessa
  8. Bigger than a horse, two heads--Killed by Warren
  9. Three heads, 12 serpents grew from it's back, long wings, three heavy tails, acid spewing--Killed by Tanu