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Kendra Sorenson is the granddaughter of Stan and Ruth Sorenson Her younger brother is

Seth Sorenson


Paternal grandparents:  Stan and Ruth  Sorenson

Brother: Seth Sorenson

 Her possible great great grandaunt:  Lena

Former love interest : Gavin

Second cousins:  Dale and Warren

Current love interest: Bracken

Personality: Kendra is sweet and caring. She's also quite brave, which can be proven due to the many challenges she has faced. She is very caring toward The people she loves, and would do anything to save them from harm, even risking her own life.



Kendra and Seth goes to Fablehaven to stay with her paternal grandparents after her maternal grandparents supposedly died. Her parents were going on an 18 day long cruise trip, and they were not invited. Grandpa Sorenson gave her a keyring with three keys, and told her to try and figure out what the keys unlocked in their attic bedroom.

All three keys opened a jewellery box, a hatch in a rocking unicorn horse, and a small compartment in a dolls house respectively. In these three areas, she found three golden keys which unlocked a Journal of secrets which she found on one of the bookshelves.
 After checking through the journal, she found a message to drink the milk so she went outside to taste  The milk that  Dale  puts out for the insects. She got Seth  to taste it first, worried that it would be contaminated. When he reported that he saw fairies,  she dipped a finger in and tasted the milk herself.  She and her brother discovered the secret of the preserve.
Later, when her family were all captured in the forgotten chapel by

Muriel And some giant imps, Kendra was told to run to safety. She took up the courage to go to the Fairy Queene's shrine to ask for assistance despite knowing the high possibility that she might change into Dandelion fluff the moment she stepped on the island. The Fairy Queene did not change her into Dandelion fluff however, but gave her instructions to make an elixir out of tears, milk and blood to give to the fairies.

She obeyed the Faerie Queene and tried to coax the fairies into taking the elixir. She had to go as far as tasting it herself to convince one of the fairies to taste it. Upon tasting the  elixir, the fairies transformed into human sized versions of themselves and Kendra  let them into battle to in prison  the demon


Whom Muriel had released and Muriel herself, all in the goal of preventing the preserved from falling and to rescue her family and friends.

After the battle, the fairies kissed her,  turning back into their original size . They also made her  fairykind, for if they didn't the  elixir  she tasted earlier would have killed her.

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