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Kendra Sorenson
Knight of Dawn
Handmaiden of the Fairy Queen
Biographical information
Born October (also said to be 13 in the first book)
Died N/A
Gender Female
Status Alive
Family Scott Sorenson (father)

Marla Sorenson (mother) Seth Sorenson (brother) Stan Sorenson (paternal grandfather) Ruth Sorenson (paternal grandmother)

Physical information
Species Human
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Light brown
Height Unknown
Occupation Knight of the Dawn
Affiliation Knights of the Dawn
First appearance Fablehaven
Last appearance Keys to the Demon Prison

Kendra Sorensen is the granddaughter of Stan Sorenson and Ruth Sorensen, the caretakers of Fablehaven, as well as Seth Sorenson's sister. The Larsens are her maternal grandparents. She's the great-great niece to Patton and Lena Burgess, and second cousin of Warren Burgess. She is fairykind, and handmaiden to the Fairy Queen.




In the first book, Kendra and Seth Sorenson going to her grandparent's while her parents go on a cruise. Kendra starts off being more of a goody-two shoes type, but eventually becomes a bit of a rulebreaker. Kendra isn't exactly ethusiastic at first to go to her grandparents' house due to the fact that she has had little social interaction with them. She also overhears Stan, her grandfather, trying to get around taking them in for her parents' trip crusie. Her relationship with her brother is not the best at the begining of the series either, but it's understandable since there is about 2 years between them and they have very different personalities. Their room is the attic, and is also a playroom as well. As Kendra notices reasonably early on, their room only uses up part of the attic, though the reason for this is only shown later in the book. She convinces Seth to drink the milk which comes from Viola, though she doesn't know at the time that the milk will reveal them to the magical world of Fablehaven. Stan, after discovering they have solved his little puzzle, reveals some info about Fablehaven and more strict rules due to their new and dangerous knowledge. During her stay, she makes friends with the former naiad, Lena, who explains her romantic history with Patton Burgess years before. During Midsummer's Eve, Seth, driven by curiosity and elusion, accidently allowed monsters to swarm into their bedroom despite Kendra's persistant defiance. When the night is over, they discover that Stan and Lena have been taken, and that Dale has been turned to stone. They soon discover that their pet chicken is actually their transfigured grandmother Ruth. Despite their uncertainty and worry, they sought help from Muriel to restore Ruth to her former state. This results in Muriel's release. They, along with their grandma, sought help from Nero and his seeing stone. Then attempted to launch a rescue attempt to free Stan, Dale, and Lena which resulted in the capture of Seth, Grandma and Hugo's destruction. Kendra uses Viola's milk to make a mixture which helps her summon fairy warriors to help her defeat Muriel and a reawakened demon Bahumat. They make her fairykind, which gives her the ability to see magical creatures without drinking the milk, speak Silvian and other related languages, see in the dark, and counter the effect of most spells on her.

Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star

Kendra is at the end of her 8th grade year, in the final weeks of school, when a mysterious magical creature appears in her school. She can see its true form due to the fairy magic she was infused with, and thinks it's a goblin. But an equally mysterious man by the name of Errol Fisk approaches her and informs her it's a kobold, and then recutied her and Seth to steal a statuette from a friend of her grandpa's, although neither of them find out that until two nights later when Grandpa calls and tells them he is a liar and that a trusted friend will come to pick them up. This trusted friend is Vanessa Santoro, who arrives to pick them up and take them to Fablehaven. Once there, she meets Coulter Dixon and Tanugota Dufu (Tanu). Grandpa says her and Seth will train under them to gain skills needed to survive magical preserves. Kendra is, however, very indnignant when Coulter refuses to take her along on certain adventures purely because she is a girl.



Kendra's only sibling is Seth, her younger brother. They are complete opposites, Seth being very outgoing and loud, while Kendra is a lot more shy and quiet. While Kendra is Fairykind, Seth is a Shadow Charmer, just another extreme difference between them. The pair fight quite a bit, but when it comes down to it, the two of them will do anything for each other. Kendra wishes her brother would be more responsible, and constantly tells their Grandma and Grandpa Sorenson the different "adventures" he has planned. Kendra is also considered to take majority of Seth's credit, i.e: killing Gorgrog with Seth's sword.


Kendra first met Bracken during her short stay in the Great Ziggurat's prison. Once Bracken helped her escape, they set out to find the Eternals. Kendra develops a crush on Bracken while they are traveling the world with Raxtus, and he develops a crush on her. In the final chapter of the series, it seems that Kendra plans on becoming an Eternal so she can spend the rest of her life with Bracken, the immortal unicorn, son of the Fairy Queen. To top it all off, the Fairy Queen approves of them as a couple.


Kendra and Vanessa met when she discovered that Errol was an enemy. Her Grandpa Sorenson called Vanessa in to take them to Fablehaven. For a short while, she and Vanessa were "pen-pals" - they both used umite wax to write to each other secret messages. Later she is revealed to be a narcoblix who can control people in their sleep, and is working for the Society of the Evening Star.


It should also be known that Verl, the Satyr, is infatuated with Kendra, going to the point of creating artwork of her, although Newel and Doren have told him that since she is the caretaker's granddaughter, and that he is a few millenia older than her, he can never be with her.


She met Gavin Rose at her and Gavin's first Knights of the Dawn meeting. She thought his stutter was adorable. They were instantly attracted to each other, and she developed a crush on him quickly. He saves her life multiple times. Her crush disappears when it is revealed that he is Navarog, an evil dragon. Just before Navarog, in human form (Gavin), was about to kill her, Raxtus swallowed him whole, thus saving her life.


In the second book, Kendra meets Warren, her second cousin, who is trapped in a none-responsive coma. She notes that he is extremely handsome. Warren is faintly responsive to her, and Kendra gives him a quick peck on the lips. When Seth pulled the nail from the revenant's neck, the curse was broken. Kendra and Warren go on many adventures together, including Lost Mesa, the Inverted Tower at Fablehaven, Wyrmroost, and the last stand against the demons of Zzyzx. He was healed by the Sands of Sanctity after it was retrieved from the inverted tower, making him no longer pale and with white hair.

The Fairy Queen

Kendra learned about the Fairy Queen in the first book, and was taught to respect the island where her shrine was located. When Muriel the witch began taking over Fablehaven and took Kendra's family prisoner, out of desperation, Kendra sought help from the Queen. Sensing the purity of Kendra's heart, her devotion to her loved ones, and that she was a young girl, the Queen obliged by instructing Kendra to make an elixer to enlarge the fairies and lead the to war. Since Kendra sampled the elixir, which is fatal to mortals, the Fairy Queen was forced to initiate Kendra as Fairykind, essentially adopting Kendra as her handmaiden, and infusing into her a reservoir of magical energy, granting her various magical abilities. The Queen is very fond of Kendra and, in her own way, is Kendra's fairy godmother, ever guiding her with maternal care and wisdom.

Special Abilities

Kendra is fairykind, meaning that she was adopted and infused with magic by fairies. This was to save her life due to having sampled an elixir fatal to mortals. Her abilities are given to her in Fablehaven and gradually found out throughout the rest of the series.

  • Kendra's eyes can penetrate illusions meant to confuse her, specifically the illusions surrounding the magical preserves.
  • Kendra is immune to mind control.
  • Kendra is able to recharge magical objects by touching them due to her body being a mass energy resevior.
  • Kendra, when seen by creatures of light ( like unicorns, fairies, etc) is very bright.
  • Kendra has the ability to know whether or not to visit the Fairy Queen's shrine. Similar to a 6th sense.
  • Warren is drawn to Kendra in Rise of the Evening Star, and she is the only memory that he has of his catatonia.
  • Kendra can command fairies in the Queen's name.
  • Kendra can speak most languages related to Silvian, the language of the fairies.
  • Kendra can see in total darkness.
  • Kendra, in combination with her brother, is a dragon tamer.
  • Kendra can restore astrids to their original form. This is not a fairykind ability, but one given to her by the Fairy Queen.
  • Kendra can share thoughts with the astrids through telepathy. This was given to her by the Fairy Queen, and is not a normal fairykind ability.


  • Brandon Mull did not give a description of Kendra so that the reader could relate to her even more and imagine her appearence. However, in the Illistrations it seems to be that Kendra has either black, brown, or even red hair. It is generally assumed her hair is brown and just past shoulder length. It couldn't be blonde because if you look at the pictures of a character in book 5, who is described as a blonde, they have a lighter color of her hair, unlike Kendra, who's hair looks much darker as you can see on the photo collage above.


  • Fairykind
  • Half-dragon tamer
  • Dragon slayer

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