Living Mirage
Living Mirage
is one of the five secret preserves, located in eastern Turkey, and is arguably the most successfully hidden preserve in the world. The vault at Living Mirage contained the Font of Immortality which was found by the the Sphinx. After careful planning and sufficient conspiration, the Sphinx became the new caretaker.

At the end of the series, Agad became the new caretaker of Living Mirage.

Stingbulbs are native to the Living Mirage

The current caretaker is unkown, since Agad took over Soaring Cliffs.

Creatures Found in Living Mirage


The dungeon is massive underground labyrinth filled with tunnels linking cells behind the walls. The dungeon is home to Nagi Luna and Bracken (formerly).

Buildings on Preserve

The preserve has three step pyramids called ziggurats. The main ziggurat is home to the caretaker and the dungeon. On the higher floors it seems to lavishly decorated.