Lost mesa

Lost Mesa is one of the secret preserves and is located in Arizona's desert. Lost Mesa's main feature is the Painted Mesa, where the bulk of its magical creatures are kept. Paths up the Painted Mesa are normally kept hidden. These paths include the Flooded Stairs, The Twilight Way and the Festival Road. Lost Mesa also boasts the Museum of Unnatural History. Skeletons of deceased magical creatures are kept there, along with a complete dragon skeleton.

Creatures Found In Lost Mesa


Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague

Lost Mesa is featured in book three as the place of importance for both the Knights of the Dawn, and the Society of the Evening Star since it was one of the secret preserves. The mission to recover the artifact that was hidden there, the Chronometer, ended up being pointless, as the artifact had been moved many decades before by Patton Burgess to Fablehaven. In the end of the book, it is revealed that Lost Mesa had fallen shortly after Kendra and Warren's visit there.


  • The Lost Mesa preserve was founded by Persian magicians since at the time America had not been discovered by the Europeans.
  • It was run by different Native American tribes over the centuries
  • The caretaker was always female, in accordance with the ancient Native American traditions
  • The Painted Mesa cannot be seen outside the reserve, even with satellite. Hence the preserve's name.