Merpeople are humanoid creatures of the sea. They have characteristics like fish and they are distantly related to the naiads. Sometimes mermaids are known as Sirens.


Merpeople have the lower half of their bodies parts of fish. Some merpeople have octopus tentacles, dolphin tails, shark tails, jellyfish tentacles, etc. The upper portion of their bodies are of beautiful men and women. Merpeople also have webbed hands. Sometimes they also have fish fins for ears. All merpeople have beautiful voices and they can all breathe underwater.


Merpeople are only mentioned briefly when Seth asks about them in comparison to naiads. Here are a few of their known abilities:

  • breathing underwater
  • swimming extremely quickly
  • control and manipulate water
  • sing songs that persuade mortals to drown themselves
  • create illusions underwater
  • grow human legs upon leaving water


Merpeoples' personalities differ greatly. Mermaids attitude, personality, and view of life depend on the kind of lower fish half they have. Meroctopuses are conceited and downright evil by nature. Merdolphins have easily changing and unpredictable moods but they like to have fun which sometimes leads to serious mischief. Mermen are fierce, proud, and arrogant; they resemble centaurs. All Mermaids view themselves as beautiful and they take their appearance seriously like fairies. Merfish (the most common of merpeople) are kind, generous, loyal, and helpful and are the total opposites of naiads, fairies, and centaurs. They still can be proud, arrogant, and sometimes take their appearances too seriously but they do not try to hurt mortals, but rather seek to help them. Sirens are evil mermaids who use their vocal charms to persuade mortals and other creatures to drown themselves.

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