A Milch Cow is a colossal, magical bovine whose milk, blood, dung, sweat, tears, and saliva have different magical properties. Her manure is the finest fertilizer in the world, coaxing plants to mature much more quickly than usual and sometimes to reach incredible proportions. Farmers using milch cow fertilizer can reap multiple harvests from a field in a single season.

The milk of the milch cow is the preferred drink of fairykind, and the breed is nourished and worshiped by all creatures of fairydom. They place enchantments on her food and make secret offerings to honor and strengthen her. Mortals who drink the milk of a milch cow can see the true nature of magical creatures.

Each magical preserve has a creature like the milch cow that supplies magical produce for the fairies in these lands. These magical animals look like their counterparts but are gargantuan in size.


Born on the preserve in the Pyrenees Mountains, Viola was around one hundred years old when she was brought to America by a ship. At that time she was already larger than an elephant and has been gaining size each year, although her growth had slowed over the last few years.

Currently between forty and fifty feet tall, she fills the entire barn at Fablehaven. Her hooves are the size of hot tubs, her teats the size of punching bags. Her mooing sounds like a foghorn.

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