Mirav was very powerful dark wizard. Like all true wizards, he was once a dragon. He came from somewhere around India before the Sphinx brought him to the Living Mirage. He is normally seen wearing his turban and ankle ling robes, he has an almost golden skin complexion and a beaded beard. Laura says that direct contact with sunlight would kill him, so he flees it as often as he can, but is immune if the sun is hidden in the clouds. In the beginning of the fifth book, Mirav chains two of Kendra's friends and traps her recently injured brother, Seth, in a bottle. Later, Nagi Luna is able to communicate with Mirav through Oculus and devises a plan to free herself and Graulas from prison. She ordered Mirav to leave the Sands of Sanctity and Translocator to Seth so he can heal and free Graulas. After Graulus took over the Society of the Evening Star, he helped kill the Eternals. He was finally slain by Bracken , when he unknowingly brought him his second horn.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mirav can turn arrows to dust
  • He can perform powerful enchantments (ex, turning Raxtus from invisible to visible and summoning Seth into a bottle)
  • He can shoot powerful streaks of energy from his fingertips