Moon Lily (Flower)

A Fairy resting on a Moon Lily

The term Moon Lily is given to two separate living beings. One being with the name Moon Lily is an actual lily (or flower) that blooms at night. The term is also given to a race of fairies called Moon Lilies. Moon Fairies are the only known fairy race not offered to Stan by Maddox in the series and Maddox would likely never be able to get one anyways.

Moon Lily Flowers

Moon Lily flowers only grow in one place. That is the Dragon PreserveSilvermoor. Moon Lilies only bloom at night and the amount they bloom is determined by the amount of moonlight they receive and the cycle of the moon (i.e. full moon, half moon, etc.). Moon Lilies can only grow and thrive in the silver sand on the islands of Silvermoor and in one or two other select places such as the fairy queen's realm . They have white petals and silver stems and leaves. They are the size of normal lilies.


A Moon Lily increased in size with smaller Moon Lilies

Moon Lily Fairies

Outside of Silvermoor, Moon Lily Fairies are just as rare, or rarer than Jinn Harps. All fairies have relatively have the same gifts but all fairies also have one or several abilities unique to their race of fairy. Jinn Harps can produce mesmerizing, beautiful music, particularly with their voices. Moon Fairies, however, can bend and make moonlight, change their form into that of an actual moon lily, put most any being to sleep, and enter and control dreams. It is unknown if Moon Lily Fairies have other gifts than the ones above and common fairy gifts. Moon Fairies also tend to reside around actual Moon Lilies (the flower). Because of this, the majority of Moon Fairies reside at Silvermoor and of course the realm of the Fairy Queen. Moon Fairies have silver hair, silver eyes, perfect white skin, and they glow with white light. Moon Fairies wings are their most unique trait. Their wings are completely invisible except for the edges which are made of pure moonlight. They have four of these such wings.


  • Moon Fairies like all fairies become Imps if trapped indoors overnight.

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