Nagi luna

Nagi Luna was an ancient Demon who was imprisoned in the quiet box at Living Mirage. She was released centuries before the events of the books by the Sphinx.


Like all of her kind, Nagi Luna was selfish, conniving, powerful, and evil to the core. She doesn't look harmful, just like a ragged old woman. She disliked communicating using the speech of humans, and most often spoke through a telepathic link. She was responsible for making the Sphinx into a Shadow Charmer, and for tutoring him on how to open Zzyzx on his own terms. She was manipulative, and liked playing mind games, even to the point of soliciting help from Seth to overthrow the Sphinx. She was the being that allowed the Sphinx to use the Oculus safely, and, in so doing, she was able to use the power of the artifact to communicate with Graulus at Fablehaven, an act that would eventually unravel the Sphinx's control of the Society of the Evening Star.

Powers and abilities

  • Nagi Luna could take over the bodies of those not strong enough to resist.
  • She could view other people in her prison even without the Oculus's help.
  • She can make powerful items (Ex: Making a needle that will kill someone.)