Navarog, also known as Gavin Rose, is a huge black dragon who was so evil that he was considered a prince in the demon world. He also has the ability - like most dragons - to become human when he so chooses.

Navarog fighting


Rise of the Evening Star

At the end of this book, Navarog is hooded and bound in human form, unknown by the Sorensons, led from the Quiet Box from which he was trapped in for eons, led out by the Sphinx. He was later released onto the Fablehaven property. He summoned the revenant's nail - pulled out by Seth Sorenson - and gave it to the demon Kurisock. He left the property that same day.

Grip of the Shadow Plaque

At some point between Rise of the Evening Star and Grip of the Shadow Plague, Navarog killed Chuck Rose and took on a new identity as his (nonexistent) son, Gavin Rose. In his human form, which appeared to be around sixteen years old, Navarog pretended to be a dragonbrother with a bad stuttering problem. He was proven trustworthy, so he became a Knight of the Dawn and joined a few missions.

In this book, Navarog (as Gavin) goes to the Lost Mesa to recover the artifact with Warren, Dougan, and Kendra. He gets them past Chalize, the dragon who was guarding the place where the artifact was supposed to be. Gavin also seems to be attracted to Kendra, and she reciprocates.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

Gavin goes on a mission to Wyrmroost with Kendra, Seth, Warren, Mara, Trask, and Dougan. At one point, while wearing a magical collar that would strangle him if he lied, Gavin told Seth that he liked Kendra. Later on in the book, Gavin takes on his true dragon form, eats Dougan, and whacks Mara off a cliff while Kendra watches, frozen by the strong magical fear he exudes. A short time later, Navarog turns back into Gavin and harasses Kendra in a small cave. He burns Kendra's magical knapsack, trapping the injured Warren inside. However, Navarog was unaware that Raxtus had crept invisibly into the cave behind him. Raxtus eats him.

Physical Description and Personality

In dragon form, Navarog is large and black. He is bigger than most dragons. He has two long horns in his head and black spikes running down his head to his tail.

In his human form, specifically when he went by the name Gavin Rose, he outwardly seemed like a sweet, brave sixteen-year-old with a stutter (He later admitted to Kendra that the stutter was faked in an effort to seem more endearing). His avatar had brown skin and dark hair, and he was clearly rather good-looking, as Kendra was attracted to him.

Although it could easily be assumed that Gavin was only using Kendra and never really liked her, it must be noted that he told Seth he really liked her while wearing a collar that would choke the wearer to death if they lied. However, truth can be seen differently from different perspectives; Gavin likely meant he liked Kendra because her abilities could make her useful to him.

It should be noted that Navarog is so evil he is considered a prince among demons.


As the prince of demons and a dragon he is one of the most deadly beings in existence.

  • As a dragon he had offensive magic powers
  • He is better at flying than most dragons.
  • He breathes a breath weapon of molten liquid gold
  • He likely had dark magic as a demon
  • Navarog also had near dragon strength, speed, and endurance in human form
  • Navarog exudes tremendous amounts of dragon fear


  • Prince of Demons
  • Lord of Dragons
  • Knight of the Dawn


  • Navarog is a very large dragon, having dwarfed two other adult dragons.
  • He is the only known dragon to ever be considered a demon.