Ogres are typically big and clumsy, though smaller than giants. They are known for devouring their victims. The only time they appear in the books twice so far; when Seth and Kendra are caught stealing stew from an Ogress's pot, and when seth sees a Hunchback ogre at Wyrmroost.


Female ogres, or ogresses, are bulky and hideous. They have broad, flat faces with saggy earlobes, misshapen bosoms, rigid avocado colored skin, grey hair, and are quite obese. They are very tall, and are compared to be considerably taller than Golems. When they walk they waddle from side to side, and breathe heavily through their mouths. They cannot see much, be their noses and ears are good for detecting things, especially humans. They are fast runners, and are able to roar. They live underground in lairs.