Potions are magical substances that are capable of several things.


The most powerful potions are made from the by-product of magical creatures, such as the milch cow, who in particular is a potion master's dream because nearly every part of the animal- milk, blood, dung, saliva, tears, and sweat- has different magical properties.

Magical ingredients can come from sources as diverse as fairies, wizards, dragons, and giant walruses. Because these items are often difficult and dangerous to procure, the lives of many potion masters are cut short in their quest for ingredients.

There are potions that encourage love, bravery, good cheer, and a host of other emotions. Potions can also cure illness, increase energy and alertness, awaken lost memories, and augment skills like speaking different languages, picking locks, venturing under water, and climbing mountains.

The potions that enhance negative emotions such as fear, anger, embarrassment, and sorrow are strong but less addictive than those that enhance positive emotions such as courage, calm, confidence, and joy. Potions can throw off the natural balance of emotions if overused, and they become less potent over time, so it is important they be mixed and administered only be an expert. A few specific potions are described below.

Courage Potion

This fiery-hot liquid leaves the eyes watering and the tongue feeling like it's licked hot iron. The initial sensation gradually fades into a warmth that spreads throughout the chest accompanied by an infusion of courage. This potion is best used when combined with a little fear and calm; otherwise; its user may become reckless and foolhardy.

Enlarger Potion

This concoction enables its user to double his or her height and size. The necessary ingredients are extremely hard to obtain.

Fire-Resistant Potion (Dragon Insurance)

This dragon-thwarting liquid comes in small plastic cylinders topped with rubber stoppers. Though not completely fireproof, the user of this potion becomes fire resistant, which is useful when confronting fire-breathing creatures. Sweet, spicy, cool, and tangy as it is swallowed, this concoction also provides some protection from electricity and includes a jolt of courage to help combat dragon terror.

Gaseous-State Potion

This odiferous mixture renders its users translucent and transforms the body from a solid sate into living mist. Some of the best advantages of this potion are that poison will not spread, acid cannot burn, and blood will not flow while the body is gaseous.

Shrinking Potion

Useful when the need for stealth is paramount, this potion allows the user to become eight times shorter that his or her normal hight. The transformation is almost instantaneous and causes an intense tingling sensation to being at the fingers and toes before traveling throughout the whole body. The effect lasts for about thirty minutes, but varies depending on potency.

It is important to note that this potion does not always shrink clothes, so be prepared for that beforehand.

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