These Precious Figurines were kept inside the dragon temple at Wyrmroost, this set of five statuettes is made from various precious stones: a red stone dragon, a white marble snow giant, a jade chimera, an onyx tower, and an agate leviathan.

  • When the red dragon is put into fire, it grows into a living dragon that will heed its master's every word.
  • When buried in the snow, the white marble statue expands into a mighty snow giant.
  • The chimera can likewise be brought to life and is also obedient to its master's desires.
  • The onyx tower, when placed on solid ground, enlarges into an actual tower.
  • When dipped into the sea, the agate figurine becomes a colossal leviathan.

Seth Sorenson owns the the tower and leviathan figures, and has recently activated the tower figurine to reinforce the Black Keep.

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