A Raenyx in flight

Raenyxes are an enormous mythical bird. They have a variety of abilities and magic worked deep within their beings. Raenyxes resemble phoenixes except they are the size of dragons at full grown, they have multiple tails, and they are not red. A picture of a Raenyx can be seen to the right.


Raenyxes are exactly like the photo above. They are the size of about 10 elephants (roughly the size of a grown dragon). They have either light blue or silver eyes. They have golden beaks and talons. They have no teeth, and very sharp gleaming claws on their talons. They have nine undertail tails that are colored blue and silver. They also have nine covertails that are much longer and are colored white and silver. Both set of nine tails have the shorter tails on the outside and the longest tail in the middle. They have enormous white wings with silver edge feathers and blue underfeathers on the wings' bottom. They have long white necks like a swan. Their torsos are covered in white feathers with silver feathers in the chest, stomach, and groin areas. The males and females have a tuft of silver fur on the bottom of their chin resembling a silky, silver beard. The also have three golden feathers that sprout out of the top of their heads.


The following are the abilities displayed by Raenyxe in the war with the Demons.

  • they can shoot lightning from their mouths
  • they can make and shoot light from their mouths
  • they can bring wind and/or rain by flapping their wings
  • they can create thunder by yelling from their beaks
  • they can create high pitch screaming sounds
  • even though they are covered in only feathers and skin, only adamant and magical items can pierce their flesh
  • they can fly faster than any being on earth
  • they are physically as strong as an average dragon
  • they can speak any language


Raenyxes have their own seperate language apart from other magical birds. They do not need to learn or study this language from a young age, for as a Raenyx, they automatically can speak it.


  1. Raenyx feathers, especially the golden ones on top their heads bring actual good luck to the bearer.

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