Rio Branco was a secret preserve in Brazil where the Oculus was located. Grandpa Sorenson arranged for a tub to be placed there that shares the same space as one the attic of the Fablehaven house. In Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, a stingbulb in the form of Maddox reached the tub and was brought through it to Fablehaven by Mendigo. "Rio Branco" means "White River" in Portuguese; from this we can assume the preserve is named after this kind of landmark.

Since Rio Branco was overthrown by Lycerna, it is unknown if it has been taken back and restored since "Keys to the Demon Prison".

Creatures Found In Rio Branco

  • Fairies (presumably)
  • Umite Sprites (presumably since they are said to live in tropical preserves)
  • Lycerna (demon)