Ruth Sorenson is the wife of Stan Sorenson, and Kendra and Seth Sorenson's grandmother. She previously taught college history, and is an expert masseuse. She is missing from the first part of book one, and Stan explains that she is away visiting a relative. But she is later revealed to be Goldilocks,the pet chicken living in the house. When Kendra and Seth discover the chicken is their grandmother, they seek help from a witch named Muriel Taggert help to transform her back to her original form, although she did not know that the knot that Seth and Kendra blew on so Muriel could undo the spell was her last one and set the witch free. After she is restored, she explained later that she had previously lost a confrontation with a Jinn, who turned her into the chicken.Ruth is very handy with her crossbow. Ruth leads the assault on Muriel at the Forgotten Chapel, in hopes to stop her attempts to free Bahumat and release Stan and Lena. She fails and is captured leaving Kendra alone to save them.

Physical Appearance



Rise of the Evening Star

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