The five hidden artifacts are kept safe in vaults in secret preserves. These preserves are kept secret to increase the security of the artifacts.

Fallen Preserves include Rio Branco, Lost Mesa, (Fablehaven fell but was restored later on)

The Secret Preserves

Name Location Caretaker Eternal Shapeshifter Secret Artifact


Connecticut The Sorensons Mark Tux Sands of Sancitity

Lost Mesa

Arizona Rosa Unidentified Unidentified Chronometer

Obsidian Waste

Australia Laura Civia Janan Translocator

Rio Branco

Brazil Unidentified Unidentified (met Patton in Japan) Unidentified (fashioned the shape of an exotic bird) Oculus

Living Mirage

Turkey The Sphinx Roon Oricson Niko Font of Immortality

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