Seth Sorenson is Kendra's younger brother, a shadow charmer, and one of the main protagonists of the Fablehaven series, and its sequel series, Dragonwatch. Seth constantly gets into trouble, because curiosity is arguably his fatal flaw. He is also very stubborn, courageous, and hard-headed. He cares very much about his friends and family and is willing to do almost anything to ensure their safety, and is more than willing to learn from his mistakes.

Fablehaven Series


In the beginning, Seth goes to his grandparent's house while his and Kendra's parents go on a seventeen-day cruise due to their grandma and grandpa Larsen dying. Grandpa Sorenson puts forth some rules (don't go into the woods, don't go into the barn), which Seth promptly breaks.

In his first excursion into the woods, he meets Muriel Taggert, a witch, though he doesn't know that at the time. The next time he goes into the woods he finds the pond and he takes Kendra. They get caught and are sentenced to a day in their attic bedroom. Soon after that, Kendra convinces Seth to drink the milk that Dale puts out every day, thus revealing them to the magical world of Fablehaven. Stan, after discovering they have solved his little puzzle, reveals the true nature about Fablehaven and emphasizes the rules due to their new and dangerous knowledge.

The next day, Maddox Fisk visits Fablehaven and shows Seth and Kendra fairies that he caught. Seth, bored out of his mind and wanting to emulate the fairy broker, catches a fairy on his own and keeps it in a jar overnight, unknowingly turning the fairy into an imp. The fairies retaliate and turn Seth into a deformed walrus. Stan, Kendra, and Dale take Seth to Muriel to see if she can heal Seth. They have to release a knot to do so, leaving her with only one.

During Midsummer's Eve, Seth, driven by curiosity and a desire to save a crying baby from wolves, accidently allowed monsters that were disguised as wolves and the baby to swarm into their bedroom despite Kendra's persistent defiance. When the night is over, they discover that Stan and Lena have been taken, and that Dale has been turned to lead. They try to find where their grandfather and Lena had been taken, and they soon meet Newel and Doren. Their search is in vain, and they return to the yard where they milk Viola all by themselves. They soon discover that their pet chicken is actually their transfigured grandmother, Ruth, through kernels that spell out "I M GRAN." Despite their uncertainty and worry, they seek help from Muriel to restore Ruth to her former state. This results in Muriel's release.

They then seek help from Nero with his seeing stone to discern where Stan and Lena have been taken. They give the cliff troll an hour-long massage in exchange for the information that Stan and Lena are at the Forgotten Chapel. Ruth, Seth, and Kendra storm the chapel, only to find a younger version of Muriel trying to free Bahumat. Everyone except for Kendra gets captured by Muriel's enlarged imps.. Seth gets turned into an old man, Stan gets turned into an orangutan, Lena gets turned into a catfish, and Ruth into a slug. He gets turned back to his eleven-year-old self and watches Kendra get kissed by the fairies.

Rise of the Evening Star

It's the end of Seth's sixth grade year, and him and Kendra meet a mysterious man named Errol who claims he can help them get rid of a kobold that has infiltrated Kendra's eighth-grade year. That night, Errol takes him and Kendra to a funeral home owned by a supposed member of the Society of the Evening Star, Archibald Mangum, who Errol claims is a vivablix. Errol says that the only way to get rid of the kobold is to give it a statue of a frog that Seth must feed to move. Seth sneaks into the funeral home and feeds the frog statue and promptly gets bitten. The kobold leaves the next day, and Errol then tells Seth and Kendra that they need to infiltrate a houseboat owned by a member of the Society. However, right before they leave with Errol, Grandpa Sorenson calls Kendra and tells them that Errol is most likely a member of the Society himself. He sends Vanessa Santoro to pick them up and bring them to Fablehaven under the guise of helping Stan while he's injured.

Once at Fablehaven, Grandma and Grandpa Sorenson tell the story of how Stan got injured and why they have several new people staying at Fablehaven: Vanessa, Tanugatoa Dufu, and Coulter Dixon. They explain that Vanessa, Tanu, and Coulter are at Fablehaven to find the secret artifact hidden there because the Society is closing in on the secret preserve.

Immediately after this, Kendra and Seth are formally introduced to Tanu, a potion master. He shows off his skills by showing them his bottled-up emotions, then taking them to see Warren, a catatonic albino. The next day, Ruth shows Seth and Kendra the dungeon at Fablehaven, including the imp that injured Stan. Meanwhile, Stan has been trying to call an ally of his, the Sphinx. He gets through, and sets up a meeting with him. On the day of the meeting, Coulter overhears Kendra and Seth discussing the secret meeting and impresses on them the importance of secrets. He shows them his magic glove and a magic cocoon.

Seth then meets the Sphinx, and the Sphinx tells him he has been bitten by a demon named Olloch the Glutton, and that the demon will not rest until he has eaten Seth. There is no worry because the demon has no way of penetrating the walls of Fablehaven yet. Seth is undoubtably worried, and both Stan and Ruth tell him not to be. This is not true for very long, because Olloch attacks Seth while he's trading batteries with Newel and Doren, where Hugo has to save him. Seth then becomes grounded, but not before everyone finds out that someone signed "Christopher Vogel and Guest" into the register.

Later that night, Coulter wakes Seth up in the middle of the night, telling him that he knows where the artifact is hidden and that no one wanted to go and get it, which is why he needs Seth. Seth agrees to go, and him, Coulter, and Hugo set off for the four hills, where Warren was before he became albino. Hugo cannot pass into the grove itself, so Coulter and Seth forge ahead. Suddenly, they're both hit by a wave of immense fear, so much so that they cannot move. A pale figure comes into view, and Seth is forced onto his back because the fear is too much. Coulter, coming to his senses, shoves something into Seth's mouth: the magic cocoon. Olloch soon comes and swallows Seth whole -- the cocoon and all, thus fulfilling his desire to eat Seth.

He spends approximately two days inside Olloch before eating his way out of the cocoon only to find the demon as a statue again. He has no idea where he is, so he goes to the old manor to get his bearings. On the way out he is cornered by a tornado of dust that he barely escapes. He finds his way to the cabin where Kendra and Mendigo are staying and they reunite, because Kendra thought he was dead. She explains that Vanessa was the one who signed Olloch and Christopher Vogel into the register, because she is a narcoblix and she bit everyone at the house. The siblings decide that they have to go back to the house to retrieve the key to the place where the artifact is hidden. They ask Newel and Doren to show them the way to the brownie doors where they sneak into the house using Tanu's shrinking potions. While there, they see that their grandparents are prisoners in their own dungeon, and that Errol is in fact Christopher Vogel. They manage to get the key and barely escape.

Back at the cabin, Kendra and Seth discuss how best to proceed. Kendra wants to flee the preserve, but Seth wants to go back to the grove and face the revenant that was there. While Kendra is in the bathroom, he takes Mendigo, a pair of pliers, and a courage potion. He takes the potion and starts to pull the talisman out of the revenant when the potion fails, but he finds the strength within himself to pull the nail out of the revenant and pass out. Seth wakes up to see Warren and Kendra standing over him, getting ready to go into the Inverted Tower. He wants to go, but is too weak. When Kendra, Warren, Dale, Vanessa, Tanu, and Coulter emerge from the tower with the Sands of Sanctity, the artifact everyone was looking for, Kendra heals him with it.

Later, Seth watches Vanessa being put into the quiet box, and sees the mysterious prisoner escape and leave with the Sphinx.

Grip of the Shadow Plague

Several weeks after the events of Rise of the Evening Star, Seth, Newel, and Doren travel to the Seven Kingdoms, the home of the nipsies, in order to receive gold in trade for batteries. While there, the Third Kingdom asks Newel and Doren to help them against the Sixth and Seventh Kingdoms -- nipsies who have recently started attacking the others. Seth notices that these nipsies have fangs, grey skin, and blood red eyes. Newel destroys several parts of the Sixth and Seventh Kingdoms along with stopping a siege on the Fifth. As a reward, the nipsies from the Third Kingdom give Newel, Doren, and Seth gold from their treasury.

Back at the house, Warren and Tanu return from secret missions trying to find out if the note that Vanessa left on the floor of her cell in the previous book, saying that the Sphinx is in fact the leader of the Society, is true or not. They also reveal that the Captain of the Knights of the Dawn wants Kendra to come to the first united gathering in ten years in order to induct her into the secret group. Seth is jealous of his older sister, saying that she gets to do all of the cool stuff. While she, Coulter, Tanu, and Warren go to Atlanta, Seth stays home at Fablehaven. Before Kendra leaves, however, she finds out that Seth knows about the nipsies, and he gets grounded.

While playing catch with Mendigo in the yard while Kendra is off at Lost Mesa, dark fairies attack him and Mendigo. Seth rushes to tell Stan what happened, and Stan goes out to investigate, barely coming back inside before the dark fairies attack him. Tanu comes back all alone after him and Coulter were looking for a new home for the nipsies. He says that he took a gaseous potion in order to escape the dark fairies that attacked him and Coulter. Coulter then disappeared after blasts of darkness hit him, and that it was all that Tanu could to to escape. Stan, Ruth, Tanu, and Dale decide to see what Vanessa knows, and they temporarily release her from the Quiet Box. She tells them that what is going on was most likely caused by the previous occupant of the Quiet Box, and that the Sphinx released the prisoner onto the preserve.

That night, a figure appears outside of the attic window, asking Seth to let him in. Seth, having learned from his mistake the previous summer, does not; he tells his grandparents. They do not see him. Later, the figure appears and reveals himself to be a shadowy version of Coulter that only Seth can see.

Soon after that, Doren asks Tanu and Seth to help him. Dark nipsies attacked Newel and turned him into a dark version of himself. Seth escapes via a gaseous potion, but Tanu gets bitten. He turns into a shadow version of himself. That night, Tanu and Coulter come back and Seth agrees to go with them while they show him something important. Stan catches Seth trying to follow Tanu and Coulter, but he relents, saying that he’ll go with Seth. Tanu and Coulter take them to see a demon, Graulus. Stan tries to get Seth to stop, but he is soon frozen by fear.

Graulus tells Seth that the plague was caused by the mysterious prisoner, a dragon named Navarog, who took the revenant’s nail and gave it to another demon, Kurisock. The demon then tells Seth that pulling the nail from the revenant gave Seth abilities; such as being immune to magical fear and being able to see the shadowy forms of his friends. Stan and Seth go back to he house, and Seth starts researching anything to do with Graulus or Kurisock. He finds out that a former caretaker, Patton Burgess, suspected that Kurisock had something to do with what happened to his aunt.

Kendra and Warren return home and tell the others about Lost Mesa, and that the artifact there had been taken by none other than Patton Burgess and hidden somewhere at Fablehaven. They are filled in on what has happened at Fablehaven and the shadow plague.

The next day, dark brownies infiltrate the house, steal the register, and fill the house with booby traps. Everyone there, Stan, Ruth, Dale, Warren, Kendra, and Seth, flew to the pond where the Fairy Queen’s shrine is. There, they see that a lot of the magical creatures have seemed refuge there; including satyrs, fairies, dryads, hamadryads, nipsies, dwarves, and centaurs, to name a few. Seth introduces himself to two centaurs, Broadhoof and Cloudwing, who simply give him the cold shoulder. After this, Stan, Ruth, Warren, Dale, Kendra, and Seth privately discuss plans of how to get the artifact. Lena had shared with Kendra earlier the location of the artifact and how to get it. It was in the old manor and appeared every Monday at noon for one minute. The group decides to create a diversion in order to get the safe. Stan, Ruth, Dale, Warren, and Seth will all go to the old manor with their eyes shielded from the magical creatures while those staying at the pond provide a distraction. Kendra and Seth go to convince the centaurs to lead the charge, but they decline. Seth calls them cowards and Broadhoof demands a duel to settle his injured pride. Seth agrees to the duel as long as the centaurs lead the charge.

The next day, the group of five along with Hugo leave the safety of the pond to race to the old manor. They get there, and Seth is made to wait outside. He quickly realizes that something went wrong and goes inside the manor. He opens his eyes with walrus butter, a substance similar to the milk, and tries to rescue Dale from a shadow woman, the tornado of dust he saw earlier in the summer. Dale gets turned into a shadow man, and Seth has to flee to the room where the safe is held. He sees his grandparents get taken, and nearly succeeds helping Warren. He makes it to the safe, and opens it to find the Chronometer, the artifact from Lost Mesa. He starts randomly pressing buttons and none other than Patton Burgess appears in the room. Patton helps Seth escape the old manor and race to the pond.

Patton then hears about Seth's upcoming duel with Broadhoof, and proceeded to duel the centaur himself on Seth's behalf, winning. Kendra tells Patton that Lena, his wife, has become a naiad again. She leaves the pond again, and the four of them go to converse quietly in a tent. Patton tells the story of how his aunt, Ephira, became the shadow woman and her merging of powers with Kurisock through a cursed tree. Seth relates that the nail from the revenant is now a part of that tree, and that that was the cause of the shadow plague. Kendra goes to converse with the Fairy Queen about the plague and comes back with a pebble, saying that the pebble could destroy the nail, but whoever touched the pebble to the stone would die.

That night, Kendra and Seth are sitting at the edge of the hedge, talking about the plan, when Coulter shows up and is miraculously healed by Kendra. A pair of dark satyrs run off to tell the others about what happened.

The four of them quickly formulate a plan of how to enter Kurisock's realm to stop the shadow plague, and they set off for the demon's realm soon after that. During the battle, Seth gets turned to a shadow by Ephira's tendrils of blackness. Seth has to save Patton from the magical fear that Ephira emanates. Patton throws the stone, but it sails away from the nail. Soon after that, Seth helps Lena get close to the nail and is close by when she touches the two objects together, saving Fablehaven and killing herself in the process.

Two days later, Dougan, a lieutenant of the Knights of the Dawn, confirms that the Sphinx is in fact a traitor to the Knights and is leading the Society of the Evening Star.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

The family has to find the next artifact, the Translocator before the Sphinx does and to find it they have to enter a sacred dragon sanctuary to find a key. But first they have to retrieve a first unicorn horn from the centuars. So Seth goes to the demon, Graulus, and asks him for help but Graulus tells him he's a shadow charmer. Seth then goes with Nero to steal the horn. He tricks the Mountain Troll guarding the Unicorn Horn into believing that it was all a prank and manages to slip away from the Centaurs and Nero gets him back home. They form a team (not including Seth) who are going to the sanctuary, Wyrmroost, to look for the second key. But Seth stowed away in Kendra's magic trans-dimensional knapsack and befriended a hermit troll named Bubda and they played Yahtzee. Later when the group discovered Seth they were furious but they didn't send him back. When they were captured by Thronis, Seth managed to talk him into letting them live. His best accomplishment at Wyrmroost was killing Siletta the dragon with Kendra using the unicorn horn.

Keys to the Demon Prison

Seth first gets captured in a jar after trying to go gaseous and gets imprisoned in a Turkish preserve run by Nagi Luna and The Sphinx. Then he escapes and heals a dying Graulas which inadvertantly makes Graulas powerful enough to take over the world. With that, Graulas kills Coulter and Seth sets out to make things right. He frees Vanessa who drives him to the Singing Sisters. Seth meets the Singing Sisters who tell him the location of Vasilis, the legendary sword of light and darkness, along with how to convince the Totem Wall, the guardian of Vasilis, to let him through and try to get the sword. To achieve this feat he had to get by the Standing Dead, an army of the undead, and if you showed any fear to them, they would sieze you and make you one of them. Next, Seth set out with Vasilis to try to stop the demons from destroying the world. Seth gets his revenge on Graulas!

Powers and Abilities

Seth is a Shadow Charmer. He began to develop his powers when he removed the nail from a revenant in Rise of the Evening Star, and they were only amplified when he was right next to that same nail being destroyed in Grip of the Shadow Plague. His dark powers were stabilized and brought to full potency in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary by Graulus, one of the four demons at Fablehaven. While most of his friends and family disapprove of and are alienated by his abilities, Seth has never used his powers for evil.

  • Immunity to Magically-induced Emotions: Seth is immune to all magical manipulation of emotion, from magical fear to the guilt of stealing a unicorn horn.
  • Perception of Dark Elements: Seth can perceive dark & evil elements invisible to others. This later magnifies into being able to see anything invisible to others. However, he still needs the magical milk to see magical creatures.
  • Communication with Dark Creatures: Seth can speak and understand the languages of dark creatures, from demons to trolls. For some reason, this also includes Jiganti, the language of Giants
  • Shade Walking: Seth can Shade Walk, meaning that away from bright light he is nearly invisible.
  • Amicability with Dark Creatures: Seth is trusted more by dark creatures than other humans, although the degree to which this is effective varies from creature to creature, demons in particular being immune to him, although he easily befriends the sky giant Thronis and the mountain troll Udnar.
  • Power over the Undead: Seth has a link to undead creatures, being able to hear their minds. The Sphinx (another shadow charmer) has explained that "[They] are a link to life, and they will do anything to preserve that link." This makes it easy for Seth to command undead creatures (such as wraiths), provided that they have sworn loyalty to him and are under the conditions he sets.
  • Conditioned Dragon Taming: Seth, in combination with Kendra, is a dragon tamer. He is immune to the magical fear dragons can induce in other creatures but his mind is dazzled and unable to think or respond to any words from a dragon (unless he is in physical contact with his sister).
  • Quenching Flames: Seth can quench flames by, drawing darkness and cold from dark creatures such as, Wraiths. He is also very sensitive to heat and darkness due to this ability.

Many of Seth's abilities are never used in the series. The Sphinx, a more advanced shadow charmer, is able to plunge a room into darkness, release dizzy spells, and lower the temperature in the same room. He believes that Seth would be able to do this too, with practice. He has also hinted at other abilities (projecting fear, opening locks, etc), never revealed or used by Seth.

Another key to Seth's abilities are without a doubt his courage and determination, as well as a mischievous streak and loyalty.

It should also be noted that every shadow charmer has his own unique ability; both the Sphinx's and Seth's have not been shown thus far.


  • Knox (Maternal cousin)


  • In the first book, Seth was addressed by his Grandma Sorenson as "Seth Andrew Sorenson," but later his middle name was changed to Michael.