Silvermoor/Zorthanc is one of the Seven Dragon Sanctuaries, located very far off the coast of Australia on an island unmarked on any world maps.


The island is unable to be found by any normal technology or magic. Even the Oculus itself has trouble breaching its defenses, although those with sufficient power can, given enough time and energy. The preserve is split, one side, Silvermoor, for creatures of light, the other side, Zorthanc, for creatures of darkness. The Preserve is also one of the three closed dragon sanctuaries. These three closed sanctuaries are closed for good reason though, because at each of these, there is a Dragon Temple, sacred temples that hold the Dragon greatest treasures. Each of the three holds a specific artifact that provides the holder with powers and advantages over the dragons. The Dragon temple at this preserve is located in the mountains of one of Celebrant's sons, mountains that block the view of the dark gates into Zorthanc from other parts of the preserve. Silvermoor is home to many very powerful beings, all of them servants of light. No demons, shades, or otherwise dark creatures are permitted into Silvermoor except in the seperate part of the sanctuary, Zorthanc, seperated from the whole of the preserve by a seperate gate much like the front gate. Silvermoor's caretaker is an Anamorph, because the race is strong enough to deal with, and travel among, Dragons and other powerful creatures of both light and darkness.

Creatures of Silvermoor

Some of the creatures sanctioned in Silvermoor include, of course, Light Dragons, but also other beings like Anamorphs, Skreets, Raenyxes, Stars, Fairies, Unicorns, Griffins, Rocs, Phoenix, Sky Giants that only practice light magic, other species of Giants, Sea Serpents, Graulks, Endorian Eagles, and more creatures of light.

In the secluded, dark part of the preserve, Zorthanc, creatures there include dark dragons, several demons, powerful blixes and witches, a variety of dark giants, minotaurs, wraiths, and many more very powerful and dark creatures. Besides Zzyzx, the preserve of light, Silvermoor, is neighbored by the most powerful collection of dark beings in the world. Silvermoor however also harbors the most powerful beings of light in all the world, several as or more powerful than the Fairy Queen herself. 


Silvermoor, as briefly described by Agad, is an enormous sanctuary, almost six times the size of Wyrmroost. It was hinted that it is one of the biggest sanctuaries in the entire world if not the biggest. Also, although the sanctuary is not a closely guarded secret like Living Mirage, it is nearly impossible to reach and enter, being the hardest sanctuary to gain entrance to.

Silvermoor actually has three gates, one breaching the dark side of the preserve, Zorthanc, one breaching the light side, Silvermoor, and one gate seperating the two withing the preserve walls. All the gates into the preserve are  guarded by a distracter spell, 5 times stronger than Wyrmroost's and are covered in an illusion of light, making it appear to be an enormous storm cloud from far away. The distracter spell effects beings by making them think their greatest fears lie within the humongous storm cloud. Excluding the outside two gates, the remainder of the entire preserve is surrounded by an enormous sort of forcefeild composed of a rainbow-like shimmering bubble that prevents anyone entering the preserve above the gates. The same forcefield passes through the middle of the preserve, separating Zorthance and Silvermoor. The force feild is invisible to the naked eye of most beings and even by powerful creatures, can only be seen in very close proximity. ​

Silvermoor Gate

The Silvermoor gate is huge, gleaming white in color, made of magically enhanced Adamant and Gabanna Nut wood, and embedded with enchanted pearls, moonstones, white opals, and diamonds. The silvermoor gate has an impenetrable, giant, completely spherical, black opal gemstone embedded in the center of it. Only when one of three items presented or touched to the stone will open the gate. These items include a Star's tear, an Anamorph's seed or living hand, or a Unicorn's third horn while in possession of that Unicorn. Inside the gate, an unknown dragon stands guard. The gate cannot be damaged or destroyed by any means but could be accessed if sufficient power and magic were combined against it, such as that of the demon hoard.

Zorthanc Gate

The gate into Zorthanc, is a huge, magically enhanced, pure black onyx gate. It can only be opened by touching  all three of the Dragon Temple's sacred artifacts to the gate together at the same time. The gate cannot be damaged or destroyed by any means but could be accessed if sufficient power and magic were combined against it, such as that of the demon hoard.

Border Gate

The border gate is a huge, magically enhanced silver gate. It can only be opened on both sides by the living hand of the current caretaker or his blood heir. The gate cannot be damaged or destroyed by any means but could be accessed if sufficient power and magic were combined against it, such as that of the demon hoard.

Very little is known about the Zorthanc preserve other than that it holds some of the most powerful and dangerous dark creatures in all the world. Below is a collection of the Silvermoor portion of the preserve.


The actual sanctuary of Silvermoor is scattered with trees the size of skyscrapers, called Gabanna Nut Trees. The biggest Tree is a little more than half the size of mount everest, and home to the caretaker of the preserve. All of the Gabanna Nut Trees rest on islands covered with silver sand (hence the name Silvermoor) in the middle of small lakes. However, the biggest tree, belonging to the Caretaker of the Preserve, is in the middle of a huge lake surrounded by two other islands. On one island is the caretaker's wife's tree and on the other island rests one of the fairy queen's shrines. The island of the shrine is guarded by Skreets, Fairies, a Raenyx, many naiads and dryads, and the caretaker and his wife.

The caretaker's son, another Anamorph, has his Tree in a romote corner of Silvermoor. His Tree also rests on an island in a huge lake, and his island is surrounded by three others. The islands around it though, are more like giant cylinders rising out of the water just as tall as the Gabanna Nut Tree nearby. Atop two of the cylinders rest the homes of four sky giants. The other cylinder, produces huge falls called the Falls of Endor. Atop that cylinder, lies the home of the Endorian Eagles, gigantic eagles the size of dragons, and the Witch of Endor, a white witch reknown for her magical abilities of light worldwide and the one that helped the previous, first caretaker of the preserve create the rainbow-shimmer forcefield. 

The homes of all the other creatures of silvermoor rest wherever they so chose. The preserve has existed since long before the creation of Zzyzx and was the first to actually be set as a preserve around the sealing of Zzyzx.

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