Skreets are a species of the fairy realm. Skreets resemble fairies but they are not exactly pretty in the way that fairies are, nor do they resemble little people but rather they tend to have scaly skin, spiky tails, and inhuman heads. An acurate picture can be seen to the right.


Skreets are almost exactly like the picture above except their colors. Their eyes resemble black opals (black with rainbow hues within). Their skin color is scaly but the color of their skin, wings and tail can be most colors, not just peach-colored. The main colors of Skreets include red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. The other rarer colors include black, gold, white, and silver. The last and rarest color a skreet's skin can be is multi or rainbow colored. They can be anywhere from 4 to 6 inches tall.


The following are the abilities unique to the skreets

  • they can control small elemental power (fire, lightning, water, ice, earth, wind, and ice)
  • they can make and distort light
  • they can grow and control plants
  • they can become invisible
  • they can fly
  • they can speak all languages naturally
  • they can walk on top of any surface like it is ground (they can walk on water, fire, etc.)
  • they can screech at a pitch painful to different creatures (where they get there name)


Skreets have their own, language called Sipree. They do not need to learn or study this language, for they are omnilingual at birth. Just like how Kendra speaks to a fairy, she automatically speaks the fairy language from the fairy's point of view.

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