Seems like just when you think you've seen the last of them, you start hearing rumors again.

Maddox Fisk

The Society of the Evening Star is an organization whose ultimate goal was to collect the five hidden artifacts in order to unlock the demon prison, Zzyzx, and take over the world. The Society was so named because "the evening star ushers in the night." Their archenemies were the Knights of the Dawn.

As mentioned in Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, in order to achieve their goals, the Society of the Evening Star would lie, steal, kidnap, kill, and most of all, manipulate. Members of the Society consorted with demons and practitioners of the black arts, and they believed that every magical creature deserved to be free from preserves. They were led by the Sphinx, a mysterious man who had lived for hundreds of years. He had learned much about Zzyzx and knew that no prison could stand forever. He wanted to open the prison and release the demons on his own terms, and he needed the help of the Society to do it.

Known Members


The Society is mentioned in Fablehaven and makes appearances in the other four books.

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