The Silver Fairy, named Shiara , is the fairy that is most serious and logical. She is not consumed by jealousy like her sisters. She was the leader of the enlarged fairy army in the first book when they defeated Muriel and Bahumat.


She later helps Kendra in the second book by finding other fairies to help free her from Mendigo and turn his alliance to Kendra with their magic. After the fairy queen turned the fairies big again, her army turned all but a few imps who were not at the Forgotten Chapel back into fairies with their kisses. At the same time they reformed Hugo who had been reduced to a pile of dirt and made him a true Golem who was not just a mimic of the real thing used by humans to carry out orders. They learn that he can start to develop a will and do things on his own and potentially become a much more useful servant after Bahumat was defeated, the fairies continued to watch over the place where the Forgotten Chapel once lay and where Muriel and Bahumat lay buried to make sure that no one released them. Mendigo, who had been taken into the naiad's pond was thrown out to attack Kendra to stop her from convincing Lena to step out of her pond for a second time. He was acting on his last owner, Muriel's last order that still had not been fulfilled. The order was to bring Kendra to her. When the puppet brought Kendra to the place where the Forgotten Chapel had previously lay, he began to dig so as to bring her to Muriel. The fairy guarding the spot reluctantly gathered other fairies to help Kendra out. She was a fairy with bumblebee wings and antennae.

Among the fairies that returned with her was the level-headed silver fairy, Shiara. Acting as a leader, she instructed the others to use their magic to turn Mendigo's alliance to Kendra, and then warned her that getting help from the Fairy Queen once again would be a mistake and that she only let Kendra access her island the first time because of her innocence. She also told Kendra to not count on the other fairies helping her without the incentive that their queen had given them the previous time. In the end, the silver fairy alone,(out of all the fairies) was the only one that was not consumed with jealousy at Kendra's popularity to be rational enough to try to help her.

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