The 'Vault' of the Sands of Sanctity was a ferocious black cat. It had nine lives, recuiring you to kill it nine times. Each time, after it was killed, it grew worse. Warren and Vanessa Santoro fought it, with help from Tanugatoa Dufu during it's last life. Kendra watched the fight, untrained and unable to of use. The nine lives were described as:

  1. Scrawny, black domestic cat--Killed by Warren
  2. larger than any house cat Kendra had ever seen--Killed by Warren
  3. More lynx like; proportionally larger paws with crueler claws; tufted ears--Killed by Warren
  4. Larger lynx--Killed by Warren
  5. Panter like--Killed by Warren & Vanessa
  6. Tiger sized--Killed by Vanessa
  7. Tall as a horse, saber-toothed fangs, four writing serpents grew from it's shoulders--Killed by Vanessa
  8. Bigger than a horse, two heads--Killed by Warren
  9. Three heads, 12 serpents grew from it's back, long wings, three heavy tails, acid spewing--Killed by Tanu

When the last life died, the Sands of Sanctity was recovered, and Kendra restored its power, using it to heal Tanu, Vanessa, Warren, and Coulter. Tanu, Warren, and Coulter were also healed of their albinoism, and, while heading back, Dale was healed from his injuries from his fight with the hobgoblin.

The Vault of the Chronometer was described by Patton Burgess "...I defeated the guardian of the artifact, a troop of ghostly knights, in a battle I would rather forget."

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