Vasilis is one of the most fabled of the six great swords from a past age of wonder, Vasilis is also known as the Sword of Light and Darkness and is located behind the Totem Wall. The sword feels like an extention of the body instead of a weapon in the hand.

Vasilis reflects the heart of the one who wields it, and it magnifies the wielder's emotions. For example, one's courage could be greatly multiplied, and one's sense of purpose could become more clear.

It was once wielded by one of the original wizards who created and sealed Zzyzx, Morisant, the master architect, the leader. After he cast a spell to achive immortality through a state of undeath, his heart became corrupted. Along with Vasilis, he was placed under lock and key behind the enigmatic Totem Wall, in British Columbia by the other wizards, all but his sword arm and head turned to stone. Seth recently entered the chamber, and overcame the fear emitted by the Standing Dead, guardians of the chamber of Morisant. He used the sword to end Morisant's suffering. When he faced Graulas at Zzyzx, he killed him and Nagi Luna with it. When given to Kendra, she helped the Fairy Queen kill the demon king Gorgrog. The sword was noted to shine brilliantly when Kendra wielded it, blinding her enemies. It was also said by Morisant before he died that the sword could possibly be even more powerful in Kendra's hands than Seth's. This proved to be true.

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Known Users

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